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“Bling Bling” Queen


There we were,

We were working like that,

Then who should come up,

But the Cat in the Hat!”

Dr Seuss

About once a year,

I fly across the pond,

To a magical place,

Where memories are fond.

Universal Studios,

A world of creation,

Where dreams come to life,

And you feel imagination.

There's one ride that's mad,

The Cat in the Hat,

It spins in circles,

Going this way and that.


We all know,

America's so far away,

But here in the Reid,

In America I lay.

Riding around,

On the Cat in the Hat,

Spinning in circles,

Going this way and that.

Silvia's videos,

Were whickedy-whack,

But when you get past that,

The content peels back.

The talk was interesting,

Combining jewellery with AI,

With old products and tech,

Working side by side.

An innovative take,

On a traditional art,

Making modern day products,

Using old as a start.

3D printing,

Laser Cutting and CAD,

With fine things like jewellery,

It' surely a fad?

Clearly not,

It seems,

As Silvia's done it,

With a high-end finish,

Charm and wit.

But the charm and the wit,

Extend beyond just the rings,

From the moment she described

Jewellery as "Bling Bling".

"Bling Bling"?

I hear echo,

Through the room with a gleam,

For Silvia Weidenbach,

Is the Bling Bling queen.

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