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Pichi Kichi 1 - Let's Set The Record Straight

Let’s set the record straight.

For the purpose of this blog, my assigned designer will be referred to as Designer X.

I was given Designer X to research into and give a presentation on for the Pichi Kichis. After watching nearly 6 hours worth of documentaries, and several more hours of scanning the internet for information, I was none-the-wiser as to why they are considered such an influential industrial designer. Don’t get me wrong, some of their work is nice, but I didn’t find any of it particularly special or innovative; especially compared to some of the other designers.

The presentation that I delivered was definitely jovial. Maybe it didn’t display the depth at which I did actually look into my designer. However, what I do find slightly unfair are some of the “Bailey Tuddenham Vs Designer X” blog posts that make out as if I didn’t put any effort in at all. Like I say, this could be due to the way I presented and the strong opinion that I gave. However, that opinion was founded upon a lot of prior research, and I’d hope that people know by now that I put a lot of work into everything that I do. What is humbling to see, however, is that the majority of these blog posts agree that Designer X’s reputation is somewhat curious.

Maybe the jovial style of my presentation didn’t quite display the research in which was carried out to form my opinion. But, at least we had some laughs, and I gave people something to write about.

What I do find interesting, however, is that another student was just as dismissive, if not more, of their designer, Ross Lovegrove. I also feel they gave less reasoning for their dislike of their designer than I did for mine. However, that seemed to go unnoticed by the class, unlike my presentation on Designer X. Therefore, I thought I’d research into Ross Lovegrove myself and see what I thought!

I won’t be writing any more about Designer X for reasons mentioned privately between myself and Hugh, but expect a Ross Lovegrove blog post next!

To be continued in the next post, Pichi Kichi 2.

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