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Respiratory Device

Raven Crow

Respiratory Device

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"Create a nature-inspired innovation (a product, service, or system) that aligns with one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals, outlined by the United Nations while incorporating all three essential elements of biomimicry into your proposed solution. – Emulate, Ethos, (Re) Connect."


For this project, I researched into a range of different unique, interesting animal features and designed a respiratory device based on the respiratory system of a bird.

The device mimics the way that birds inhale and exhale air. When birds respire, the air they previously breathed in is stored whilst they inhale the next load. This means they don't inhale the air they just exhaled, encouraging more oxygenated air into their lungs. This device uses a set of non-electrical flaps to carry out the same process, encouraging more oxygen into the human as they breath through the device.

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