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Evolution - iPod Shuffle


Evolution - iPod Shuffle

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Product Overview

“You understand the nature of an object so much more when you understand how it came to be”.


‘Evolution - iPod Shuffle’ is the first in a conceptual series that explores the evolution of different product lines across their different generations.


Hand crafted from a combination of cast jesmonite, steel and wood; ‘Evolution - iPod Shuffle’ explores how Apple developed the iPod Shuffle product line through iteration, redesign and adaptation to failure.


Cast replicas of each generation of the iPod Shuffle are attached with magnets and can be easily removed from the plinth, allowing you to take a closer look at the form and appreciate the affect of changes in design between each generation.


The product can be mounted onto a steel base, or hung on a wall with the supplied wall mount, allowing flexibility in user placement.


An in-built NFC tag allows you to tap the product with your phone and receive information about each of the iPods. The Shuffle is an iconic device, and this product reimagines the way in which you see iPod Shuffle.

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Evolution - iPod Shuffle



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