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Tired of cold lunch? Spending loads on eating out? Don't want to reheat?

Hot Tub is a lunch box designed to keep your hot food hot and your cold food cold, so your lunch stays fresh

No more reheating, just simple eating.

Overview - Hot Tub

Project Brief

Adopt generative and iterative prototyping methods to improve eating on the go, both in terms of the experience and the affect it is having on the environment.


After carrying out face-to-face research with commuters, I discovered that the main reason people buy food at work rather than bringing their own is because it doesn't stay fresh. I, therefore, designed a lunchbox which would constantly keep hot food hot and cold food cold, ensuring it stays as fresh as when it was first packed.

Hot Tub has insulated dividers which allow it to be split into up to 4 sections. When the lid is placed on the box, the screen automatically detects which dividers have been used. The user can then set the temperature of each section individually, allowing for hot and cold food to be stored together.

The main internal tray is removable, making the device easy to clean. The bottom section of the tub is removable, with space to store the dividers and any cutlery you may need for your food.

The device can be charged via USB-C to give it the boost it needs for the day. However, it also has a 360 degree solar panel around its surface to allow the device to stay powered throughout the day.

Images - Hot Tub