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Overview - Hot Tub
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Phonebloks was a modular smartphone concept created and designed by the Dutch designer Dave Hakkens in 2013, primarily to reduce electronic waste. I decided to recreate the design concept with a modern style. The idea behind the concept is that the user can pick which parts they want on their phone, allowing endless customisation. Some users may want a large set of cameras, whereas others may just want a huge battery. The ability to change components of the phone opens the door to a whole new way of using and interacting with a mobile device.

In addition to the customisation aspect of the concept, the ability to remove parts and replace them with something else also helps to reduce electronic waste. If a component of your phone were to break, you could just replace that individual component, or even upgrade it to something better.

The concept would also allow third-parties to create components compatible with the device. For example, companies such as Canon or Nikon could produce their own camera, companies such as Sonos or B&O could produce their own speaker, and so on.

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