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Covent Garden Apple Store - An Unobstructed View

Updated: Jan 17

Sometimes the true beauty of an object comes from its barest form; the beauty of the materials, structure and compilation, rather than the object itself.

The Covent Garden Apple Store is a true example of exploring the original beauty of what was there before it. Before you even enter the store, you’re greeted with the Apple logo, mounted on the wall around the building’s exterior. Even this logo is designed in a way that is different to most of their other stores. In most Apple stores, the exterior logo is solid, bright and eye-catching. However, the signs at Covent Garden are designed such that the Apple logo is a stencil. This intentional design immediately reduces the possibility of blocking any view of the building itself.

Upon entering the store, you immediately notice the undisturbed nature of the interior. The walls are left untouched and un-covered, revealing the original brick and pipework. Even the staircase to the upper floor is made from crystal-clear glass, disappearing seamlessly into the corner of the lower floor. At the top of the stairs, you’re met with the first floor; once again designed with glass to reduce the distraction to the original setting.

The centre of the store is an astonishing atrium, with a glass ceiling that allows you to see straight up to the sky and the surrounding architecture. This not only makes the space feel large and commodious but also shines a natural light that highlights the internal features of the building.

Apple puts a lot of time and care into it's stores, and the Covent Garden store is no exception. On my previous visit to London, I visited the three major Apple stores in the city, and the Covent Garden store has a natural delicacy that is unmatched by its counterparts.


Surroundings - 9 / 10

The store is situated in one of London's most iconic locations. Covent Garden is a "shopping and entertainment hub" situated in the West End of the city. The square is home to a huge variety of restaurants and stores, as well as the Royal Opera House. Through all times of the day and night, you will find street performers singing, dancing and, quite literally, breathing fire into the life of Covent Garden. The Apple store is surrounded by entertainment and pure joy, making it one of the best locations for an Apple store in the UK.

Aesthetic - 8 / 10

As mentioned throughout the blog, Apple has thought hard about keeping the original beauty of the architecture within which the store is situated. A lot of design and process has gone into ensuring that the natural building is clean and visible, which is quite different to the style Apple goes with usually. Because of this, you're left with a very different store to most of the others, and one that is stunning in a whole new way. Apple's key design motive is simplicity, and all of their stores are designed with simplicity in mind. Most of the stores are cladded with silver panels and wooden trims to encourage simplicity into the architecture, whereas this store is simple in itself and in how it has been left almost 'untouched'.

Staff - 9 / 10

The staff in this store were extremely friendly and approachable, with many staff members spread across various floors to offer support. The store also has a "Today at Apple" area, with employees delivering free sessions on different Apple and non-Apple software and products to help users get more out of their products.

Originality - 8 / 10

I have mentioned throughout this blog and the aesthetics ratings of how different this store is to the others. It has been designed in a completely different way, yet with the same principles. Not only is this store extremely original within the spectrum of Apple stores, it's unlike any other store I've set foot in before. However, in the scope of the city that the store is situated within, the exterior of the store, in my opinion, doesn't really stand out against anything else you see walking around London. The building's exterior is very standard for London, and lacks originality in that sense. The furnishing's within the store are, also, almost identical to every Apple store in the UK. Although this may be a reduction in originality, it brings cohesion between the stores and makes them relatable, even if the architecture is so different.

Layout - 4 / 10

The store is relatively complex to navigate when you walk in. You can immediately notice the "Today at Apple" area, and possibly grasp the location of some of the products close to the door. However, without the support of the staff waiting at the door to guide you to the area / support you require, I would find it quite hard to find what I'm looking for in a store that spans 3 stories. The furnishings, however, are laid out extremely neatly, as usual with Apple stores. As with most of the stores, all of the shapes align, with the edges and grains on the tables meeting the lines on the floor which meet the edges of the windows and so on. This is always cleverly designed and laid out in all Apple stores, and so it's not something that is unique to Covent Garden.

TOTAL - 7.6 / 10

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