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Great Design - Conclusion

It was about time I explained why I have such a love for Apple, and hopefully the series of posts in this blog have achieved that. But, if they haven't, here's a summary of the four main reasons why I think that Apple is "great design".

1) Attention to Detail

Apple's attention to detail is, in my opinion, unrivalled by any other technology brand, and by almost all other brands of its size. Apple spend so much time and care designing every single detail of their products, packaging, advertisements and stores. They even take the time to design and finish the inside of their products, which the user will never see. If you crack open a phone from any other brand, the inside will be a state. But, at Apple, great design isn't just about what the user sees and experiences; it's about the whole product.

Apple can also design with an attention to detail that no other technology brand can, due to their ability to create their own hardware and software. This allows Apple to design their software perfectly for their hardware, and their hardware perfectly for their software. This is something that no other technology brand does, or can do with the use of Android. The closest to Apple on this front is probably Google with their Pixel phones, however there is still no comparison.

2) Theatre

Apple creates theatre in everything they do. Whether it's a product launch event, an advertisement or a piece of packaging, Apple design everything to be a theatrical experience that is both memorable and enjoyable. Opening an Apple product is unlike opening a piece of technology from any other brand. They guide you through each step with clever tabs and pullouts. Their uses of materials and layout make even the packaging of their products feel quality, and something that you want to keep.

3) Innovation

Since the very beginning, Apple has been a trend-setter, even outside of the world of technology. I would argue that almost every piece of consumer technology that we see today has been inspired by early innovations at Apple. They revolutionised the personal computer with Macintosh in 1984, reformed the way we listen to music with iTunes and iPod in 2001, redefined the mobile phone in 2007 and transformed how we use and interact with technology with the iPad in 2010. Since then, they continue to develop and innovate new, exciting ideas. You could argue that, in recent years, Apple has innovated less with hardware than other brands. Companies such as Samsung are definitely putting more time and money into releasing innovative hardware than Apple are, with devices such as their foldable phones. However, I am almost certain that, when Apple comes around to producing similar devices, they will be designed in such a way that rectifies all of the current issues with the innovations of other brands.

Apple's innovation doesn't just lie within the technology they produce. They completely changed the way that products were advertised in 1984 with their Super Bowl advertisement, and again in 1997 with "Think Different".

4) Simplicity

For me, simplicity is key. Jony Ive once said that "true simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation. It's about bringing order to complexity". Apple's products are beautifully simple in their nature and user interactivity, yet host extremely complex functionality and usage.

Final Remarks

To me, Apple embodies everything that I love about design; attention to detail, theatre, innovation and simplicity. The likes of Jony Ive inspire the work that I do every day, as Dieter Rams did for him.

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