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Speaker Case


Develop an innovative and radical concept that fuses your original product and allocated brand.

I was tasked with designing a product in the style of Bang & Olufsen that has a similar function to a laminator. I really pushed this brief to the limit by exploring the idea of "protecting materials" and thus designed a speaker transportation case for B&O's expensive devices.

Project Brief

Overview - Hot Tub

Bang & Olufsen speakers are expensive items and products that users want to keep safe. This case ensures that your valuable speaker is protected, not only when taking it home from the shop, but also when it's being transported from room to room or house to house.


Designed to match the Bang & Olufsen style and aesthetic through use of materials, colour, shape and structure.

See below for product features and a full project portfolio.

Images - Hot Tub

Product Features

Full Project Portfolio

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